Coronavirus and its Impact on Access Control in the Security Industry

With 10,514,028 confirmed cases worldwide and 512,311 deaths (WHO, as of 2nd July 2020) the current pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses and the security industry across the globe. It has caused companies to temporarily close their doors and pause production. Schools, colleges and universities have been forced to close and many construction sites have only recently restarted working after many projects were put on hold at the height of the pandemic.

Coronavirus and its Impact on Access Control in the Security Industry

Because many sites and buildings have been empty, ensuring the premises are safe and secure has become more of a challenge. Indeed, as we navigate through the “new normal”, the way people work and do business is having to adapt and change.

How Access Control and the Security Industry has Reacted

Many of our partners and suppliers have stepped up to the challenges brought by Covid-19:

Honeywell’s engineers have been busy solving problems in order to help many vital businesses to keep running. From developing new products to help protect people from the virus to finding ways to increase production of essential parts for ventilators.

HID’s Visitor Management Solutions allows businesses to monitor and control visitor and employee access and therefore minimise any risk. This is especially true in a healthcare setting where infection control is paramount.

Social distancing and other restrictions mean big changes to the way business can operate. Regular cleaning of biometric devices using sanitisers will help any risk of spreading germs and give confidence to users. Touchless biometrics is another way to help limit the risk of infection transmission, from facial and iris recognition to touchless fingerprint and palm recognition – although these technologies might not be suitable for all environments.

Your Workplace and the New Normal

As the world slowly starts to adjust and businesses look to reopen, how can access control systems play a part?

  • Access Control Systems – Be confident that the right people are accessing your business or site. Using state of the art technology allows the user to have real-time information as to who is on site at any given time. Social distancing is not always possible in the workplace but knowing how many people you have on site at any given time allows you to make the necessary adjustments to keep everyone as safe as possible.
  • Mobile Access Control – Using a card reader negates the need to touch door handles, keys etc and allows the user to access pre-authorised areas safely.
  • Biometrics – Safety is paramount and state of the art technology solutions such as biometric verification can help reduce any risk by ensuring only authorised personnel can access the workplace or sit and reduce the need for physical contact.

The Future for Security

As a direct result of the virus there is a huge demand for contactless biometric devices and access control systems within the security industry. As remote working becomes more commonplace the need for robust and reliable digital security is essential. Meetings that were held in offices or venues may now be held via video call, documents will be shared digitally and training might now be carried out virtually. These new ways of working need to be secure against data and security breaches.

Talk to us about how we can help you with contactless and mobile access control, we already support many large organisations to me mobile, safe and secure.