Secure Mustering System

Early Adopters Request

SMI Global has been developing Mobile solutions for the security industry for over 12 years. With installations in 40 countries globally the UK owned company is a world leader in the field of mobile device usage for security applications. Significant experience in integrating with Access Control systems has been gained during that time.A recurring theme during those 12 years has been the use of devices for Mustering.

However, key questions remain unanswered in many cases, for example:

Who is going to remain in the facility to manage the Mustering operation in the Access Control system when the facility has been evacuated?


How can the Mustering operation be managed if the entire facility and Access Control system has been completely compromised?

SMI proposes a solution to this: A secure cloud-based Mustering system.

The principle behind this is very simple:

  1. Card-read transactions from fixed or mobile readers processed in the normal course of operation through the Access Control system, are published to cloud based storage and application.
  2. In the event of an incident that cloud application therefore has a live record of who was on site at the time.
  3. Mobile devices and /or other input mechanisms are then used to both record who is present, and update the cloud storage application.
  4. Web access to the cloud application is used to monitor and provide reporting on the mustering status.

In this way an accurate Muster can be taken, without the use of the core Access Control System, and is visible and manageable from virtually anywhere.

SMI MusterAgent Cloud

Providing a Reliable, Immediate and Accurate Mustering solution.

SMI MusterAgent

SMI wishes to engage with organisations who would like to be involved in the design and development of what will be a subscription based service. These early adopters will help to influence and validate the system – ensuring relevant functionality – and will receive preferential terms for the delivered service.