Facial Recognition – Biometric Technology to Identify and Verify

Biometric technology allows us to take access control to a whole new level, providing an extra layer of security and making it much more difficult for unauthorised personnel to enter the given space. Facial recognition is a relatively new technology but it is widely used all around the world in many different applications- from airport security and passport control to your mobile phone, facial recognition is everywhere. Our faces are unique making facial recognition technology a reliable way to verify a person’s identity.

Facial Recognition - Biometric Technology to Identify and Verify

How it works

Facial recognition technology is able to identify distinguishable features of the individual ie. length of the jawline, nose width, distance between eye sockets and match it to the images stored within the database of known faces. Facial recognition technology quickly and accurately identifies authorised personnel, speeding up the verification process.

Why it’s good for your business

  • Improved technology that has the ability to identify an individual’s face with accuracy.
  • Easy to operate – no fiddly fobs, cards or PIN to remember.
  • Contactless- providing a safe, reassuring method of identification in the Covid 19 era.
  • Can be used alongside your existing access control system.
  • Employee accountability – no risk of cards being lost, stolen or borrowed and real-time verification making clocking in and out simple and accurate.
  • Reduced risk of unauthorised access to business premises or sites.

Events over the past year have highlighted how important it is to stay ahead of the game with your business security. Advances in biometric facial technology makes it easier to keep businesses secure, only allowing authorised personnel to access the site or building. Contactless and reliable verification also gives visitors, employees and contractors added reassurance of their personal safety as well as ensuring accurate time records- no need for traditional clocking-in systems.

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