Key Benefits of Access Control – Work, Events and in Transit

Access control systems give businesses of all industries the technology to ensure their buildings, sensitive or private information, employees and visitors are safe. Only persons with the correct clearance will be able to enter the buildings. This vastly reduces the risk of data breaches or security issues.

Access Control Systems

What problems can Access Control Systems solve?

Health and Safety

Because access control systems keep the doors or gates locked to anyone without the security pass, employers and employees can feel safe and secure. The system can be implemented at multiple access points which further increases the security and safety of the business premises, and its employees.

Mustering systems to account for personnel in an emergency can be fixed and mobile. This means personnel can be checked and accounted for even if the existing system can’t be accessed.

Know Who is in The Building

Access control systems will log the data of all personnel who enter and leave the premises businesses. It is then easy to see how many staff are on the premises at any given time.

Security for Workplace, Events and in Transit

Because access control systems can allow businesses to restrict certain areas, it makes it much easier to keep the premises secure and stop potential thefts or intruders gaining access. This is especially important when businesses hold events and invite people onto the premises, meaning visitors can only access the designated areas. SMI extend access control systems so that they are not constrained by physical walls. Security can be implemented where it is needed -on demand.

On the Spot Identity Checks

SMI provide the technology to allow mobile devices to be used for security outside the premises – or as a spot check facility. Employees in transit on a bus can be checked before they arrive at the gates, making the operation more secure and streamlined.

Can an Access Control System Work for You?

  • Do you need a system that with utilise and work with and existing process or procedure?
  • Do you need a mobile solution to overcome current restraints based on your location?
  • Are you struggling to find an effective security solution that will integrate easily with your main access control system.

SMI software technology allows the access control system to be used where there are no physical barriers or wall readers. With the ability to display data and images of the card holder. Do you really know who is accessing your premises? Check the card holder, not just the card.