Lenel are a global player in the security industry and have a worldwide reputation of helping customers achieve the ultimate integration on every aspect of their vast systems. Here at SMI we are proud to have been partnered with Lenel for over 10 years, and feel that this partnership shows SMI’s dedication to providing the best mobile solutions that are recognised on an international scale.

Lenel’s OnGuard system is widely installed in enterprise level end users through a network of over 300 installers, and when you choose SMI, a very deep level of integration between the mobile devices and OnGuard is offered.

SMI have been part of the OAAP program since 2008, and as a mandatory process our solution is certified by Lenel. This involves testing by Lenel themselves, ensuring product functionality and reliability.

The current certification for OnGuard that SMI holds is for version 7.5 and 7.6.

So you can be assured that when you take on an SMI mobile device, you have a device that has met industry standards and is acknowledged by the most well-known professional security systems.

Lenel 1


The main alarm monitor window in OnGuard

Lenel OnGuard Datasheet