Mobile Access Control and How it Can Help Your Business

Helping your business with Mobile Access Control and the difference between an assembly point and a muster point.

What is an assembly point and a muster point?
It’s easy to confuse the two but it’s important to understand the difference between them. An assembly points are locations to meet that have been pre selected throughout a workplace. There may be multiple assembly points designated by department or location of a facility. Assembly points are locations for information updates from emergency workers.

A muster point is a designated area where all employees and visitors gather in an emergency situation. It must be clearly marked so that everyone within the facility knows where they need to meet. And here is where mobile access control can come into its own.

Mobile Access Control

Mobile Access Control
Access control systems traditionally use card readers, key fobs, access codes etc to allow people to access buildings or areas and they do an excellent job. It takes it to a whole new level. Mobile Access Control works with the existing Access Control System, letting the user immediately see who is in a designated area or building at any one time. Mobile Access Control allows the ability to carry out on the spot identity checks.

If you have employees who don’t work in a building but within a perimeter or employees in transit then it could revolutionise your business. Perhaps you have a construction company with many different tradespeople working on site at any given time. Mobile Access would allow any contractors to access the site and ensures you know who is on the premises at a given time, negating the need for outdated clocking-in systems. 

If your employees are in transit, it allows you to validate their identity via the mobile reader as well as allowing or restricting access to certain areas or perimeter. 

In the case of events held outside where security is paramount, it offers a solution that is much safer for both employees and visitors. Mobile Access can even be gained without the need for a wall reader, making it such a versatile option.

We work with the following strategic partners Famoco, Coppernic, Genetec, Trimble, HID, Lenel, G4S AMAG, Honeywell, M3 Mobile providing access control solutions for many businesses and industries such as:

  • Schools and higher education campuses
  • Mining plants, off-shore rigs and vessels
  • Large outdoor events and concerts
  • Sporting events and competitions
  • Large businesses, factories and retail premises

What’s great is Mobile Access can work with your existing Access Control System as an add-on solution. Find out more >