Mobile Biometric Verification

SMI Register allows mobile Biometric verification to be performed – utilising the data storage capabilities of many 13.56 MHz cards – storage which is often not used.

A Biometric template can be enrolled onto the card from a PC based application.

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Often defined as “something you are” a Biometric is perhaps the most secure credential of all. SMI offer both hardware and software to enable mobile devices to be used for Biometric security. The products allow the enrolment of a Biometric template into a smart card and the subsequent 1:1 verification of that template against a live read. In his way an extra layer of Biometric security can be added to virtually any Access Control System offering full dual factor authentication.

The mobile device can then read this template – and compare with a live read taken by the device itself.

This system can be used stand -alone – or act as an extra layer of security on top of the Mobile Verification products from SMI.

Strategic Partners

Building on the base of the Omincast CCTV platform the Synergis access control system is truly IP based. SMI have utilised the latest RIO protocol from Genetec alongside the SDK. This integration harnesses the power of the Cloud Link controller to deliver a powerful mobile addition to Synergis

Used in over 150 countries, Trimble has been a leader in mobile security technology for over 35 years, positioning them as one of the industry’s most trusted providers.

SMI are proud to be Advanced Partners in the HID Connect program. Our products support both iCLASS and Prox card technologies.

The DataConduIT and Open Device API’s are used to offer seamless integration with On Guard – certified by Lenel as part of their OAAP program

Integration with Symmetry is offered via the latest API tools from G4S -SMI are members of the G4S integration partner scheme

Integration is offered with both WinPak and ProWatch

SMI utilise the HRT devices from this Malaysian manufacturer

SMI utilise the M3 OX10 and SM15 devices from this Korean manufacturer