Mobile Mustering for Emergency Management

Any business that employs staff, uses contractors and receives visitors will have an emergency management plan in place for emergency situations and being able to account for everyone who is on their premises in an emergency. The meeting point where you want everyone to go in an emergency is your muster point and undoubtedly the best way to account for everyone is a muster reader.

Emergency Management and Mobile Mustering

Many businesses use a physical access control system (PACS) but these are limited to a static card reader at entry/exit points and do not lend themselves to emergency situations where muster points are far away from the premises. This is where mobile mustering can help you and your business with emergency management.

Health and Safety

Mobile mustering ensures all your employees, contractors and visitors are accounted for in an emergency. In a drill situation, valuable time is saved due to the efficiency of the mobile mustering software and hardware. Mobile mustering solutions are suitable for:

  • Real Emergencies
  • Emergency Management
  • Drills
  • Evacuations
  • Critical Situations
  • General Health and Safety

Mobile Access Control

Mobile access control works in addition to existing access control systems and lets you see who is in your building or on your premises without the need for a dedicated wall reader. This allows you to determine who can and can’t access certain areas or zones, restrict access, as well as data checking and validation.

  • Employee Transit (e.g. card reading on a bus)
  • Remote Site Access
  • Stop and Check Functions
  • Muster Situations

Mobile mustering can transform your business. The ground breaking technology makes it safer and more secure for you and your employees as well as saving time and money by negating the need for manual data entry and giving you real time information through the cloud-based system.

Industries where muster readers would be indispensable include schools, factories, retail premises, but also industries where people work in higher risk environments such as mines and off-shore rigs. Knowing that only authorised personnel can access certain areas and being able to quickly see who is safe in an emergency situation gives greater peace of mind.

Because the data in real time you can be confident that it is accurate, much more so than traditional methods of physical signing-in sheets or clocking-in machines that all depend on user accuracy and honesty.