Mobile Mustering

Many access control systems have a muster function. The implication is that someone is in the building monitoring the muster report. This may be difficult if the building is on fire.

SMI solve this problem with separate stand-alone mustering solutions.

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Many access control systems offer mustering functions. When accounting for personnel, in the case of an emergency, it is an increasingly critical task. SMI provide a number of mobile software and hardware solutions to do this.

  • Using a mobile device to act as a muster reader for the existing access control system.
  • Stand-alone solutions – using data fed from the existing system. Useful if the building is actually on fire and the existing system cannot be accessed.

Classic Mustering solution:

  • This system is designed to accept data from the core access control system – and then allows the muster to be performed entirely independently of that system.
  • Data can be accepted from a wide range of access control systems – and virtually all card types are supported

Strategic Partners

SMI utilise the FX100 device from this manufacturer, most notably for its small form factor and lightweight design.

Coppernic logo

SMI utilise the C-One v2, C-One v2 e-ID and C-five devices from this French manufacturer.

SMI have utilised the latest RIO protocol from Genetec alongside the SDK. This integration harnesses the power of the Cloud Link controller to deliver a powerful mobile addition to the Genetec access control system.

SMI are proud to be Advanced Partners in the HID Connect program. Our products support both iCLASS and Prox card technologies.

The OpenAccess or DataConduIT API are used to offer seamless integration with OnGuard. SMI are also certified by Lenel as part of their OAAP program.

Integration with Symmetry is offered via the latest API tools from G4S. SMI are members of the G4S integration partner scheme.

Integration is offered with both Pro-Watch and WIN-PAK.

SMI utilise the M3 SM15 device from this Korean manufacturer.