Pioneering Products from SMI Distribution

SMI Global’s pioneering software development, integration services and continuous dedicated support together with SMI Distribution add value to the world class hardware products from Trimble, CrucialTrak and UniFi.

SMI Global and SMI Distribution provide exceptional products and services for all your access control needs including mustering, biometrics and mobile access control.

Pioneering Products from SMI Distribution

Trimble products come with an IP rating of 68, are reliable, rugged and are fully operational in even the most extreme environment! With over 40 years experience, Trimble Inc have developed the most rugged products available.

Available products:

CrucialTrak utilises biometric recognition technology to provide a touch-free solution for access control.

Facial Recognition- CrucialTrak’s facial recognition technology ensures a quick, efficient and convenient experience.

Fingerprint Recognition- Absolute touchless UX allows for a safe, fast and efficient process.The unique technology can capture up to 4 fingerprints at the same time

Iris Recognition- World’s first auto tracking mechanism reduces the users effort required, offering a much more user-friendly experience. The large caliber Zoom Autofocus control allows for long distance identification.

Palm Vein Recognition- CrucialTrak’s Full Touchless palm vein recognition together with fingerprint technology provides an accurate, comfortable, hygienic and fast identification process.

CrucialTrak offer a full range of products available with a choice of single, duo or quatro factor biometric terminals.

Available products:

UniFi offers a range of low cost products that utilise long range RFID identifiers. With increased sensitivity and response levels, the technology allows for long distance access control, mustering and real-time records of who was in the building/room at any given time. In the past, long range would have meant the need for two separate credentials, UniFi cards can now be supplied with embedded Mifare or DESFire technology which allows the same credential to be used with both a traditional reader or long range. SMI integrates the cards and readers into most access control systems, ensuring approval by the manufacturer and full, continued support.

Available products:

SMI has over 15 years experience in the supply of Trimble devices and can offer a fully integrated service from supply of mobile devices to the production and support of application software.

Is your business looking for a reliable and durable and mobile access control solution? Contact us for more information about the range of rugged products and integration services we can provide.