SMI Integration with Genetec Security Center Synergis Access Control

Published on Tuesday 19 June 2018 in News

Mobile devices from SMI can now be integrated with the Genetec Security Center Synergis™ Access Control platform, to add a mobile dimension to unified security operations.

Using both the Genetec software developer kit (SDK) and the Rio controller, a mobile device can now behave as if it was a fixed reader within Synergis, with the added benefit of displaying information regarding the cardholder – including their image. Security is no longer limited by physical infrastructure and can be deployed where it is required, on demand. This solves the problem of “How can you use a wall reader when there is no wall?”

SMI provides a range of mobile devices to suit operational needs based on the user environment. The devices are able to operate both on-line via WiFi/cellular connectivity or off-line with data synchronised to the device, giving maximum flexibility to their deployment.

The SMI system is installed globally in over 50 countries and has added an extra dimension to security operations in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

“Genetec has one of the largest ecosystems of technology partners, and we are pleased to welcome SMI and its access control solutions to work within our unified Security Center platform,” said François Brouillet, Genetec Access Control Commercial Manager. “Because Security Center is built on an open-architecture, we are able to offer our access control customers intelligent, custom solutions that technology partners like SMI offer,” added Brouillet.

Dick Clark – Co Founder of SMI added “The integration with the Genetec Synergis platform is both powerful and feature rich. The use of mobile devices has been proven to add an extra layer to security, giving an extra tool literally in the hands of the operator.”

To add an SMI mobile device to Synergis then the pre-requisites are Security Center 5.5 SR1 and Synergis Appliance Softwire 10.4. The MobileID part number GSC-1SDK-SMI-MobilID must also be ordered.

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