The Urban Demand for Extended Access Control

Published on Wednesday 6 July 2016 in News

When many people think of extended access control, it’s common to presume that mobile systems are only required in remote areas of the world where security professionals are stretched to the limit, and there is no possibility of a wall reader.

Admittedly Oil & Gas fields make up the majority of the sector in the need for mobile access solutions, as their isolated locations offer no possibility for a physical contact point, and on such large scale operations the impracticalities of a wall reader are numerous.

But if you’ve recently visited any concrete jungle in the UK or in Europe, you may be aware of the growing population of workers all bustling into the cities to work in the booming sectors of Finance, Tech and Business, all calling these glass towers home.

Urban areas are now dominated by thousands of people working for large multi-national corporations, and it’s in these locations that there has been a growing demand for mobile solutions that can enable security professionals managing these sites, to have an instantly accessible stream of data about workers entering or leaving the building.

Discreet and less intrusive than the rugged hand held devices commonly used in mobile access control, our Android device looks like any normal mobile phone, yet offers an integrated computer based solution that can give security personnel instant access to the data they require.

From spot checking personnel entering or leaving access points to providing a secure mustering solution for health and safety, these more light weight devices have a high performance which offers a tactile solution for security professionals needing to appear unobtrusive in their urban environment.

As a security company in charge of such corporations it can never be underestimated of the importance of these devices.

Not only are they a vital measure to protect the workers, but as many of these companies can be dealing with invaluable data and finance, the protection of the company’s assets is also becoming an imperative part of a security professional’s role.

Despite highly populated urban areas previously being vulnerable to threats of any nature, the security industry continues to innovate and challenge traditional practices in order to meet the demands of modern protection.