What Security Challenges are Businesses Facing Post Lockdown?

The past year has seen many businesses temporarily close their doors and switch to remote working as the world dealt with arguably the biggest challenge it has faced in many years. Some businesses have continued with remote working while others have had skeleton staff to keep things ticking over. Remote working has its own security challenges, from the risk of data breaches to attendance records.

What Security Challenges are Businesses Facing Post Lockdown?

Everyone has had to adapt quickly but now as we start to see light at the end of the tunnel businesses and employees now have to adapt again as we ease ourselves out of lockdown.

We now look forward to the awakening of much of our society with non-essential retail and some bars and restaurants already opening. The wider opening of businesses comes with its challenges, from the risk of theft to safety concerns.

So how can businesses step up to the challenges they will meet as the UK begins to come out of lockdown?

  • Covid Compliance – Social distancing and hygiene are still expected when reopening businesses. Check out HSE for more information.
  • In a recent article by G4S Security they advocated thermal cameras as a way of helping minimise the spread of covid. It might seem futuristic but Hong Kong quickly adopted the use of thermal cameras in a drive to help protect public health to great effect.
  • Access Control – Traditional card readers pose many safety and security risks from loss/misuse to possible virus spread. Mobile Access Control minimises the risk by offering a touch-free solution
  • Biometrics – Facial and iris technology is becoming increasingly popular as a touchless alternative to fingerprint technology. It is expected that touchless biometric technology will continue grow following the impact of Covid 19

The impact of Covid 19 and the restrictions the world has faced has highlighted the need for improved security both on and off site. A move away from the traditional clocking-in methods and key card entry systems is vital in a bid to create a safe and secure working environment. Mobile access control systems can be integrated into existing access control systems with the options of state of the art biometric technology to help future proof your security system.

Talk to us about your security challenges to find out more about how you can protect your business, employees and visitors with biometrics and contactless access.