What to Expect in Access Control for 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020 what can we expect to see in Access Control for 2021?

Covid 19 forced us to take a long hard look at how we live and work with many of us having to completely change our normal routines. This had huge implications for the security of our buildings and workplaces with many sitting empty for the first few months of 2020.

What to Expect in Access Control for 2021

So how has the security industry responded in the wake of Covid 19?

  • Mobile Access Control Working in conjunction with existing Access Control systems, many businesses have already upgraded to a mobile access control system and it is expected this trend will continue to grow. As most of us already own smartphones it makes sense that access control should move in this direction, there’s much less risk of loss or misuse and it works well in industries where traditional card readers aren’t a viable option such as construction sites, outdoor events and offshore rigs.
  • Biometrics Unsurprisingly the need for contact free access is becoming more important in our everyday lives. Biometric technology can allow contactless verification i.e facial/iris These contact free technologies provide confidence and assurity that users are safe as well as ensuring only authorised personnel are admitted onto sites.
  • Wearables Back in 2018 Honeywell launched a brand new wearable access control device, Aimed at industrial businesses to increase safety and improve working practices. HID have also embraced wearable technology, recently partnering with Fidesmo

“As wearables grow in popularity,  organizations of all types will be confronted with the need to support new form factors for physical access and other popular applications.” said Steve Currie, VP and Managing Director of Extended Access Technologies with HID Global.

  • Cloud Based Security Cost efficient and scalable, cloud based security allows businesses to manage security with real time information. Universities and colleges as well as businesses can have up to date information of who is onsite at any given time.

Are you looking at how you can maximise security and safety within your business or site? Contact SMI Global for more information and support on how you can update and future proof your existing access control system.