Access Control for the Construction Industry

A construction site comes with huge security implications, from theft, risk of high value plant machinery, materials, and equipment to the health and safety of contractors and authorised visitors. Construction sites change as they are developed and built on, contractors change as the construction project progresses so what solutions are there to ensure security and safety in the ever-changing environment?

Access Control for the Construction Industry

Access control systems in conjunction with a mobile extension can solve the problems faced on construction sites by negating the need for physical wall readers and allowing necessary security to be deployed immediately when it’s needed.

Benefits of Access Control on the Construction Site

  • Mobile Access Control is designed to be used with existing access control systems in locations where traditional wall card readers aren’t available, such as construction sites. The user is able to identify who is in a designated area at any given time and make sure only authorised personnel are on site. Because every read is time-stamped the user is able to see what time personnel accessed the designated areas, negating the need for traditional clocking-in systems.
  • Mobile Biometric Verification allows for on the spot identification and provides an ideal solution for the security issues faced on construction sites. Used in conjunction with an existing access control system it will provide an extra layer of biometric security. The state of the art biometric verification gives the user complete confidence that the right people are on site, from visitors to contractors.
  • Mobile Mustering makes sure that everyone who is on-site is accounted for in case of an emergency. The very nature of a construction site makes it difficult to know who is at what point, in any given time and in an emergency situation it is vital to be able to identify everyone’s location. Mobile musterting draws data from the main access control system and keeps track of where everyone is at any particular time. Mobile readers mean there is no need for a fixed wall reader making it an ideal solution on construction sites. As personnel are scanned at muster points their details get moved from a list of ‘on-site staff’ to a list of people accounted for.
  • Rugged devices offer a great mobile access system solution for the challenging environments associated with construction sites but SMI is proud to be able to provide the same performance using a standard Android smartphone giving the user greater choice depending on what is needed.

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