Identity is Getting Smart: Introducing the Android Device

Published on Wednesday 30 March 2016 in News

In our continued quest to solve the common problem of “How can you use a Wall Reader – when there is no wall?”, we’re excited to announce that we will be launching a new Android device to our extended access control systems this April.

SMI’s new Android device will provide a technical innovation to the access control industry that is currently dominated by rugged hand held systems.

This new modern, discreet mobile device will enable extended access control to be adopted by other sectors looking to enhance their security and safety offering in more urban environments.

The mobile solutions currently provided by SMI are mostly used in the remote environments of Oil and Gas fields.

However, there has been an increasing demand from the finance sector to implement these security measures in urban environments, which has lead to the development of these technically advanced devices being developed.

Like current systems the Android device will enable the user to not only verify access, but to see cardholder details.

With a stand-alone usage of more than 10 hours thanks to a dedicated power-management system, this light-weight reader provides a more tactile solution to all aspects of access control.

For security professionals seeking a light weight device, this high performance PDA is designed to look like a smartphone, yet offers power, performance and strength for demanding environments.


High-Tech Aspects

As a unique package of performance, power, ergonomics, ruggedness and expandability, the Android Device takes extended access control a step further in mobile computing to ensure efficiency and productivity for all security personnel working in the field.

Integrating high-end wireless communication and data capture components, this device has been designed to be the most reliable of it’s kind, even offering 4 different charging methods to offer continued power, essential for many of the remote locations that require such devices.

Field Ready

In the hands of security personnel this device may look like a more rugged mobile phone, as it’s image quality and sleek design conveys the sense of a simple mobile phone. But don’t be fooled by it’s professional design as this unflinchingly rugged model is built to international standard, withstanding multiple falls of 1.50m on to concrete, and still remain fully functional within climates of -20c – +60c. 

Meeting such a diverse range of business needs, the Android Device has brought future tech into the security industry to provide top-quality software applications that can meet the demands and challenges of today’s world.