Mobile Access Control – Working Safely and Remotely

All across the world countries are seeing the second wave of Covid 19 infections. Here in the UK some of us will be going through yet another lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread so our respective health services can cope. Businesses have been asked to close or work remotely where possible, putting more strain on our fragile economies.

Covid - Remote Working

In the first wave we saw offices transform their working practices with many employees setting up home offices and working remotely in order to be able to work safely. But working remotely brings its own set of problems, from security issues to attendance records. How can employers be sure their data is secure when employees are working remotely?

Even as businesses return to the office there is still the issue of knowing who is on-site at any given time. Some employees may continue to work from home while others come in and out of the office. If there’s a Covid case within the workplace it’s important that you know who may have been in contact so accurate data logs are imperative. This is where mobile access control systems become a vital asset.

How Mobile Access Control can help:

  • Works with your existing access control system
  • Real time data let’s you know who is on site at any given time- this data could also be invaluable for Track and Trace
  • Card readers and biometrics contactless access to help reduce transmission of germs and viruses
  • Only authorised personnel can access the site

There is no denying we are living in unprecedented times. The pandemic has had huge knock on effects for all industries, some good, some not so good. It has highlighted where businesses might need to make changes to their security systems whether that’s to make it easier and safer for employees to work from home or to review their access control systems to help reduce transmission risks.

We work with many existing access control systems from leading brands such as Trimble, Lenel, Genetec, Coppernic, HID Global and more. For further information on how Mobile Access Control can help your teams work remotely and make your business Covid safe, please contact us.