Mobile Access Control

SMI create and market a mobile extension to access control. The system extends the use of access control beyond physical barriers – solving the problem of “How can you use a wall reader when in fact there is no wall?”

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SMI offers a deep level of integration with many of the leading Access Control Systems in use. Software that utilises the toolsets from these manufacturers enables mobile devices to act as wall readers would. Access rights, occupancy and APB are offered in many cases – enabling a mobile device to be used seamlessly as an extension to the major system in use. The devices also display data and images regarding the cardholder – to enable further validation or data checking.

User scenarios include:

  • Employee Transit – card reading on the bus
  • Remote site access
  • Stop and Check functions
  • Muster Situations

The system is designed as an add on to existing Access Control Systems – maximising return on existing investment. Full integration is offered with a range of existing systems – certified by the OEM.

Example videos of the integration with Lenel OnGuard.

Example video of the integration with Honeywell Pro-Watch.

Example video of the integration with Genetec Synergis.

Example video of the integration with AMAG Symmetry.

Example video of mobile verification using a smart phone – using NFC.

All major card types are supported – and a range of rugged mobile devices can be supplied depending on exact operational requirements and needs – see details of devices supplied and card types supported.

Datasheets regarding available integrations

AMAG Symmetry
Genetec Synergis
Honeywell Pro-Watch
Lenel OnGuard