The Benefits of Extended Access Control

Published on Thursday 3 March 2016 in News

Whether it’s a Gold mine in Africa or an Oil Field in Iraq, we’ve been providing extended access control to some of the most remote locations across the world for many years now, and we know that when it comes to a lack of physical boundaries, our extended access control systems are a solution to a common problem.

When you have hundreds of people working in one place at one time, it’s unrealistic and time consuming to make them queue up to gain access to the site.

Not only delaying working hours, but also unfathomable when there is no place for a physical boundary.


Mobile Access Control

 A common procedure that can be implemented with the help of our mobile devices, is the use of card reading on transport.

As workers are brought in from their collection point to the site, this can be an ideal time to check them in for processing before reaching their destination, cutting down time on arrival and ensuring they can immediately begin work when they arrive.

Card reading on a bus is a simple and effective method that can cut down on time and give your workers the safety and security required when working in such remote locations that are often in volatile areas.



 Despite safety standards being at the highest level, Oil and Gas Fields are extremely dangerous places to work, and this isn’t just due to human accidents or the hazardous natural product itself. Sometimes the locations of these sites are in areas that are in deep conflict.

If anything should go wrong, you need to be able to quickly check the safety of your workers to ensure nobody is left behind, and every person is accounted for in any accident or threat.

This is where extended access control can take the reigns and quickly help you to organise a chaotic situation.

Once at a place of safety you can use our mobile devices to see who is missing, and begin any procedures required to retrieve them from the area.


On the Spot Identity Checks

As an unpredictable working environment that can often face conflict from those who are against the industry to terror threats, it’s imperative that every person is checked to ensure they are who they say they are.

Cases of mistaken identity are rife within the industry, which is why our mobile devices can help you to cut down on these cases.

On the spot identity checks are easy to do with our mobile devices, and once scanned you can instantly see if the identity is correct and if they are supposed to be in that area.

This can help dramatically in limiting threats and grievances ensuring the continued safety and security of the workforce.


As our devices integrate with leading access control systems, the benefits of choosing SMI can greatly improve the current security measures that you have in place.

As we specialist in the development and of mobile solutions in the security industry, contact us today so that we can guide you in finding the right device for your requirements.