Why Choose SMI – Global Leaders in Extended Access Control

Published on Tuesday 1 March 2016 in News

Access control systems were largely designed to allow access to a building or premises to be controlled. However in many industries there is the need to extend those access control systems beyond the physical boundaries of the buildings.

The common problem we hear from many in these locations is, “How can you use a Wall Reader – when there is no wall?”

This is where our expertise and knowledge can help to bridge the gap.

In an ever changing world that is becoming increasingly volatile, SMI Global provide the extended access control you need to ensure that your business can run smoothly, offering rugged mobile systems that can with stand the harsh conditions found in remote destinations across the world.

Security personnel can quickly verify identity access with the scan of a cardholder and enable the smooth processing of a high volume of workers without the need for a wall reader.



With our years of experience in the industry SMI Global are certified by the leading security OEM’s, ensuring our devices work seamlessly with the most prominent security installations around the world.

Thanks to our integration with these systems, you can feel confident that your security needs are to the highest of standards and offer unrivalled compatibility.


Our Devices

Our mobile devices act like a wall reader would.

Depending on your location we offer resilient devices that can withstand harsh environments from Oilfields in the Middle East to mines in Africa.

For more urban areas then smaller less rugged devices offer unrivalled ease of use.


Where You Can Find Us

 SMI have a user base in over 40 countries. Solutions in many languages are offered including Arabic. The company is based in the UK with another location in the USA.